Pre-ICT in Education Conference MakerMeet

NOTE: The MakerMeet for 2021 will be held virtually this year. While this isn’t ideal, we invite you to join us and learn practical skills, projects and S.T.E.A.M. information for your classroom!

Pre-conference opener on Saturday 8th May 2021.

The 2021 MakerMeet is sponsored by LIT’s Department of Information Technology and by

A MakerMeet is similar to a TeachMeet. ( The main difference being that the focus is on practical skills almost exclusively in the S.T.E.A.M. arena.

Maker Education is a fun and engaging way for students to build the 21st century skills they need to succeed in an increasingly diverse workforce. These skills include critical thinking; creative problem-solving and collaboration as students ‘make’ with others – while developing the ability to prototype, fail and continue trying.

Constructivist learning theories espoused by Jean Piaget and Seymour Papert are often referenced in Maker Education as Project-Based Learning is used to teach a wide variety of skills simultaneously in a single project.

Other skills that are often incorporated in this methodology are flexibility; leadership; initiative; productivity and social skills. In addition to these important competencies are also literacy skills such as learning how to present information through media and technology.

At the MakerMeet – presenters will show projects they have completed or are in the process of creating and presentations will last between 10 – 30 minutes. Most projects can be re-created easily in any classroom. Come join us for fun, engaging and practical workshops!

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Schedule of Events

Pamela O’Brien
Origami Mini Books  •  (Follow along activity)

Materials: A4 sheet of paper, any colouring implement

In this session we will create mini booklets like those shown above by folding a single sheet of ordinary printer paper.


Pam O’Brien is a lecturer in the Information Technology Department of Limerick Institute. She is the organiser of the annual ICT in Education Conference and various TeachMeet style events like this MakerMeet, which provide continuous professional development (CPD) for educators across all levels of education in Ireland. She is passionate about the integration of technology in education, maker-based learning and is an avid origamian.

Follow Pam on Twitter: @pamelaaobrien

Aoibheann Mangan
App Inventor  •  (Follow along activity)

Materials: Computer with web browser

Starting off with a quick explanation of what App Inventor is and how it works.

  • Showing people how to sign up and start a project
  • How to make a screen and add components onto the screen (images and text)
  • How to switch between two screens by clicking a button
  • How to add links into App Inventor
  • How to program it to open a website when a button is clicked
  • How to program a notifier

 If time allows:

  • How to program a timer
  • How to make a sign-up and log in screen
  • How to make a checklist and to display the data on the next page

Aoibheann is a speaker and advocate for #girlsinSTEM, Broadband for All, CoderDojo Mentor, former EU Digital Girl of the year, Mozfest Wrangler 2019, Technovation semifinalist, YouthZone facilitator, EU Codeweek facilitator, NI Raspberry Jam workshop leader and Web developer.

Follow Aoibheann on Twitter: @AoibheannMangan

Christine Campbell
Making Things Move

Using Techcard we make moving models. Projects range from flying bumble bees to fairground rides, cranes, drawbridges and tipper trucks. We can supply kits, kits and workshops or just a get you started workshop. Here are links to a video of 5 of the projects


For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed experimenting. As a child making perfume from my mum’s good roses to learning about chromatography in primary school- this was what I enjoyed.

I also had a dream to be a teacher so I left school and went to college to study chemistry, physics and maths thinking I would become a science teacher.

The excitement of manufacturing industry grabbed my attention and I took up a position as process technologist with Cadbury Ireland. I worked in the food and the chemical industry in various technical and managerial positions for a number of years.

Having my own children rekindled my passion for education. I qualified as a Montessori teacher, a computer trainer and as a trainer for trainers.

In 2005 I decided to combine my passion for education with my passion for science and Anyone 4 Science was born. My children and their friends loved doing experiments with me at home. I felt confident that there were many other children who would enjoy these activities and that by awakening their interest in science it would increase the likelihood of them continuing to study and perhaps work in the field of science – something that is required for our national economy to be successful into the future.

Follow Christine on Twitter: @anyone4science  •  Facebook: Anyone4Science  •  Instagram: @Anyone4Science

Cormac Cahill
Paper Airplanes  •  (Follow along activity)

Materials: A4 sheets of paper and a bit of space to throw them!

In this session Cormac will create paper airplanes – from the World Distance Record Holder to one that just won’t leave you and a few in between!


Cormac is a Primary School teacher working in Carrigaline Educate Together National School.

Follow Cormac on Twitter: @CosmicCork

Chris Reina
Mysterious Micro:bit Lights  •  (Follow along activity)

Materials: Micro:bit, LED string of lights from discount store, battery pack / 5v power bank

The Micro:bit SBC (single board computer) is a cheap, easy and fun way to engage students in a variety of subjects. Coding, mathematics, logic and computer science are just the beginning! This device also has breakout pins which allow connection of many other devices – in the session, Chris will show how to connect a simple LED string of lights from your local discount store and control them with code on the Micro:bit.


Chris Reina has been involved in education since 2002, technology since 1981 and Making since 1971. (You do the maths). He is 1/3 of MakerMeetIE – who deliver Maker-led, project-based S.T.E.A.M. workshops nationwide to primary, secondary, third-level and other institutions.

He feels passionately that education is the most important thing in the world and that teaching using Maker skills is the most rewarding job there is.

Chris loves cats, kayaking, kite-flying, steampunk, pedantic semantics and knowing the meanings of ligatures, aglets, gallibanders and lexiphanic.

Follow Chris on Twitter: @chrisreina  @makermeetie  •   Facebook: MakerMeet IE  •  Instagram: @makermeetie

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