While talking to third level students about the 2016 ICT in Education Conference the discussion meandered into the archives of the annual event. We started sharing how technology has advanced the way we teach and learn. We’re not far away from the days of chalk dust and board time.

Amish School Run

I remember school runs behind horse-drawn buggies in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The Amish schools throughout the States will always have those chalk boards and personal slates. Decades ago, the mathematics teacher in the high school I attended enthusiastically had everyone in our class stand side-by-side working out quadratic equations with chalk. I had relegated those moments to my failing memory until I read a piece by Kevin Dwanealong with his team Laura Pigott, Sean Jordan and Marta Casalini. It’s a memory filled with chalk dust and jerky video footage.

Kevin’s lovely recollection will surface on the ICTEDU blog. Spoiler alert: #CloudNotChalk.

(Photo by @topgold in Lancaster County, PA.)