The ICT in education conference is running once again on the LIT-Thurles campus. This annual event brings teachers together to see how various technological platforms can be effectively used in classrooms. You don’t have to be a technical expert to attend #ictedu. But you do need to be passionate about education and teaching.

In today’s society with the various budget cuts to education in Ireland, the general morale of teachers has fallen. To enhance and re-instil the passion within everyone, regarding why it is they love to teach and, what drives one to learn, is what forms the spirit of IctEdu.

Whilst listening to a lecture by Pamela O Brien, one will be shown a side to teaching they may simply have not noticed before. That is the determination and care that teachers have for their students. This lecture will trigger questions in one’s thought process, notably what is it about education that makes people feel so passionate? The relationship between student and teacher, and how one can often find themselves via the form of education.

Pamela will speak about how she loves to see her students prosper and better themselves through the forms of education. I remember when I was younger and in primary school. Education for myself at that time was all about meeting my friends and of course Art and Physical education class, which was held on a Friday morning was the highlight to my week. Reflecting back now with the knowledge I have gained about how much work teachers put into teaching there students makes me appreciate that I was lucky enough to receive an education. The harsh truth is not everyone is as blessed to receive a valuable education even in today’s modern society. This event celebrates education and is a platform for learning different skills from likeminded people about technology and various teaching methods.

This is not your typical conference as it has various workshops throughout the day. Getting students involved is a very important focus of this event. You might even see the students giving the teachers a lesson or two regarding integrating technology within the classroom. There is a shared environment created on this day that allows both teachers, students and everyone in between to interact, and discuss their ideas on education.

Tea and biscuit breaks are a necessity, in order to feed the body after nourishing the mind. The discussions that are had during these breaks are invaluable as they allow one to discuss the talks presented, and provide an additional element to the learning experience on the day.

There is a great opportunity to meet truly inspiring individuals that hold that regard for education in today’s society. A great example is a speaker that will be at ICT in Education this year. Pamela O Brien, an intriguing and enthusiastic lecturer, is the main organiser of the annual ICT in Education Conference. Pam’s love for teaching keeps her focused on her goals within the classroom learning space for her students. She champions the belief that education is a learning experience between teacher and pupil, a symbiotic learning experience.

Pam is passionate about education. She noticed there was a definite distance between educators and the students, both from a fundamental learning point of view, and within the emerging use of technology within the class room. Educators can often find that they are at a disadvantage to their students when technology begins to make its way within the class room.  Students can often find themselves at an advantage to the educators, and with the increasing inclusion of technology, the relationship within the classroom can become strained. A disparity can open up, and it may take a great deal of effort on both student and teacher’s parts to bridge this gap, yet often it goes unnoticed or undiagnosed.

When this happens, the student may falter, or develop a disdain for learning.

Pamela O’Brien noticed this, and seeks to rectify it. Pamela is passionate about teaching, and she wants to remind educators about why they love to educate, as well as remind students why they wish to learn. She promises to inspire and encourage education within all.  A desire and willingness to learn can stay within an individual for the rest of their lives. And this can also increase their employment chances, in the future, as they will continually seek to better themselves, thus making them valuable employees.

Getting the local community involved is one of Pamela’s main aims this year. To have the community of Tipperary participating would enhance the sense of collaboration and unity. This event is for everyone involved in the education spectrum, or who wishes to become involved, with an environment that is friendly and open. Spending your Saturday at the ICT in Education conference can be nurturing for the soul.

The ICT in Education 2016 in Thurles L.I.T Campus is looking for teachers who wish to remember why they have chosen to teach. If you still have that passion for education, being a speaker at this year’s conference could be just for you. Sharing how your style of teaching gets pro-active work done in the classroom can inspire others within this field. Follow this link to submit your proposal to be a speaker at ICT in Education.

I know Pedro the penguin has submitted his.

Pedro the penguin is very excited about education and knows about climate change and how there is change in the classroom, as paper makes way for technology. Pedro loves to share his wisdom with all the teachers and students. Follow Pedro on his journey to the ICT in Education conference in Thurles this April. #PedroThePenguin

If you wish to attend ICT in Education you can reserve your place on Eventbrite. And if you cannot attend on the day, you can follow the flow of tweets from @ictedu or audio recordings shared by the Youth Media Team.