We’re within 30 days of the annual ICT in Education Conference and just like every other year, I reaffirm we need a web editor. Not a mere content producer but someone who enjoys editing websites. As a co-organiser of #ictedu, I’m stepping forward into this role.

Handy reminder from WordPress

I’ve been blogging before Matt made WordPress. I feel better when I post something that could spark a conversation. I like thinking in blocks of text, breaking up 300-730 words with images, embedded slideshows, and easy-listening audio snippets.

When I use the ictedu website to share thoughts as blog posts, team members can scroll through my meanderings or swipe around the WordPress media library to see and hear content that forms part of the ictedu Knowledge Management System.

Reminded by the WordPress app

I’ve set a reminder on my calendar to blog once a day. I’m letting the WordPress Android app poke me once a day as well. And my 10yo son has set a reminder on Alexa to verbally coach me to stay on task. If you want to help me with this 30 day project, ping me with encouragement on Twitter. I’m @topgold on all good social networks.