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Yvonne Conaty is passionate about learning and education. She, as an educator prides herself on delivering quality and engaging lessons. Conaty recalls how working with students from all backgrounds and abilities shapes how she teaches.

PTECH schools combine STEM and experiential career training through mentoring and site visits and paid internships. This exceptional programme gives students the opportunity to gain a secondary school education and college diploma within a six-year period.

This programme is underway in 28 countries around the world and is being embraced in 33 schools in countries such as Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, The Netherlands, Poland, and The United Kingdom.

To find out more about P-Tech here in Ireland please click the link which will redirect you to their official website: https://www.ptech.org/p-tech-network/our-schools/irl/

If you would like to book then please follow this link https://ictedu.ie/conference/booking/