In 1972, technology in Irish classrooms was still in its early stages, and traditional teaching methods were prevalent. Some of the most advanced technologies used in classrooms during this time included:

  1. Overhead projectors: These were used to project notes, diagrams, and images onto a screen or wall.
  2. Film projectors: Teachers could show educational films to their students using a film projector.
  3. Tape recorders: Teachers used tape recorders to record lectures or speeches, which students could listen to later.
  4. Television: Some schools had televisions that were used for educational programming.
  5. Typewriters: Students were taught to type on manual typewriters, which were considered a valuable skill for future employment.

It’s important to note that technology was not as widely available or advanced as it is today, and most classroom instruction relied heavily on textbooks, lectures, and written assignments.

Wikimedia CC-by-2.0

Megan Ryan, Clonmel Digital Campus of the Technological University of the Shannon.