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Recording a live presentation in TUS-Limerick

As we finish an entire academic year with most of us back in classrooms full time, we discovered the Irish education system is far more agile and resilient than many thought. But how we sustain best practice with education technology into the future?

A year ago, we ran #ictedu as a virtual conference. Teachers and lecturers shared stories about how they were disrupted like never before. We heard stories from teaching staff who shifted their classrooms entirely online–often with less than a week’s preparation. We discovered that many schools had the infrastructure in place and that meant remote instruction and live meetings worked better than expected. In some cases, teachers and students had to rapidly establish new digital services to support a wide range of instructional and administrative functions.

When we shared stories, we learned we were much more resilient than we believed.

Watching the ictedu Panel

So how can we sustain our agility and resilience? How do we keep both the technology innovations and the clever workflows as we plan for the rest of the 2020s? How can we exploit best practice to create the edtech structure needed for the future of education in Ireland?

We expect to get answers from attendees at #ictedu in Thurles during twelve workshops, a Keystone Panel and Capstone, and one riveting panel discussion. Together we will capture the successes that we achieved during our emergency remote teaching and how we plan to do to sustain the advancements we made in to the future.

Interview with Glenn Strong

Interview with Hassan Dabbagh

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