Artificial Intelligence: The New Teacher’s Pet

Presented by: Niall Larkin

Niall Larkin

This presentation will delve into the increasingly prevalent role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our daily lives and its potential to revolutionize education. From adaptive learning systems to intelligent tutoring systems, AI is being used to provide personalized and engaging learning experiences for students. This presentation will explore the practical applications of AI in education, highlighting its ability to help teachers save time and enhance students’ learning experiences. The ethical considerations surrounding AI will also be discussed, including privacy concerns and the potential for biases in algorithms. In addition, the presentation will explore the Erasmus project Artificial Intelligence for Teachers (AI4T), which is dedicated to investigating the use of AI tools to support students’ learning in education.

Niall Larkin is the Team Leader for Digital Technologies teaching, learning and assessment team (Primary & Post-Primary) for the Professional Development Service for Teachers. Niall is a primary school teacher seconded from Durrow National School, Tullamore, where he has experience working as a mainstream class teacher and a Special Education Teacher. As the Team Leader for Digital Technologies, Niall is responsible for leading, planning, developing, and delivering continuing professional development and support for primary and post-primary teachers at a national level. Niall leads a team of 15 advisors who are dedicated to supporting schools with the embedding of digital technologies into teaching, learning, and assessment.

Niall Larkin
Team Leader, Digital Technologies for Teaching, Learning and Assessment (Primary & Post-Primary)