This years keynote will be presented by Dr. Michael Hallissy

Dr. Michael Hallissy

The Future of Education is Blended – Looking back before we move forward

Many believe that we are at a crossroads in terms of the role digital technology will play in education post Covid-19, with many believing our educational experiences will be more blended in the future. Some are calling this the ‘new normal’ and there is an expectation that digital technology will transform what we teach, how we teach, where we teach, while also impacting on whenwhere and how our students will learn. This talk will reflect on the journey we have travelled to this point, before considering some critical questions and possible destinations we might explore in making this a reality in our schools.

Michael Hallissy is a researcher and policy consultant in the field of digital education. A former primary teacher who has worked in the field for over 30 years, he has a strong interest in how digital technology can enhance teaching, learning and assessment practices. He works closely with the Department of Education and the European Commission on a range of digital education policy issues, while also engaging in research around the impact of digital technologies in schools and other settings. He is particularly interested in the potential of blended and online learning in education and how emerging technologies can positively impact education for all.

Dr. Michael Hallissy
H2 Learning, The Digital Hub, Dublin 8
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