Pre-ICT in Education Conference Maker Meet

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Learn practical skills, projects and S.T.E.A.M. information for your classroom!

Join us on Friday, May 13, 2022 from 19.00-21.00 at TUS, Thurles.

The 2022 Maker Meet is sponsored by TUS’s Department of Information Technology and by

A Maker Meet is similar to a TeachMeet. ( The main difference being that the focus is on practical skills almost exclusively in the S.T.E.A.M. arena.

Maker Education is a fun and engaging way for students to build the 21st century skills they need to succeed in an increasingly diverse workforce. These skills include critical thinking; creative problem-solving and collaboration as students ‘make’ with others – while developing the ability to prototype, fail and continue trying.

Constructivist learning theories espoused by Jean Piaget and Seymour Papert are often referenced in Maker Education as Project-Based Learning is used to teach a wide variety of skills simultaneously in a single project.

Other skills that are often incorporated in this methodology are flexibility; leadership; initiative; productivity and social skills. In addition to these important competencies are also literacy skills such as learning how to present information through media and technology.

At the Maker Meet – presenters will show projects they have completed or are in the process of creating and presentations will last between 10 – 30 minutes. Most projects can be re-created easily in any classroom. Come join us for fun, engaging and practical workshops!

2022 Maker Meet Presentations

Make A Paper Airplane!

Cormac Cahill

Cormac is a Primary School teacher working in Carrigaline Educate Together National School and will be making some Paper Aeroplanes with you. From the World Distance Record Holder to one that just won’t leave you and a few in between.

Follow Cormac on Twitter: @CosmicCork

Marble Run Madness!

Hassan Dabbagh

Hassan will demonstrate engineering concepts using marbles and coffee stirrers – drink your coffee quickly!

Hassan is an Educational Technologist who has extensive experience working with teachers on an individual and whole school basis. He enables teachers to get the best from the technology they have available to them which allows them to enhance their teaching in new and inventive ways.

Follow Hassan on Twitter: @hassandabbagh

Origami Fidget Toy

Pam O’Brien

In this hands on session Pam will show you how to make a fidget toy using origami techniques.

Pam O’Brien is a lecturer in the IT Department of TUS. She is passionate about the integration of technology in education, maker based education and informal learning.

Follow Pam on Twitter: @pamelaaobrien

Cardboard Robots & Cardboard Arcade

Chris Reina

In Chris’ top 10 favourite things is definitely cardboard. He will demonstrate how to make a standing jointed cardboard robot with light-up eyes. Chris will also show (if he finishes in time) the beginnings of a cardboard arcade and how it changed one young boys life.

Chris Reina has been involved in education since 2002, technology since 1981 and Making since 1971. (You do the maths). He is 1/3 of – who deliver Maker-led, project-based S.T.E.A.M. workshops nationwide to primary, secondary, third-level and other institutions. He feels passionately that education is the most important thing in the world and that teaching using Maker skills is the most rewarding job there is.

Follow Chris on Twitter: @chrisreina  @makermeetie  •   Facebook: MakerMeet IE  •  Instagram: @makermeetie

To register for the 2022 Pre-Conference Maker Meet, click here.